Meet Emma

If you are wondering, Emma is a Golden Retriever and she is, well, she’s awesome…97.3% of the time. For all animal lovers in the world, like me, I won’t have to go too far to describe what a contribution to our lives a pet can bring.

So you know, I deducted 2.7% points due to Emma’s repeated fondness with our “cookie cabinet”. That said…Emma not only is a invaluable contributor to my life. I am quite certain she feels the same. I can’t prove it…but pet owners understand what I am saying.

If you have read my book, then you obviously know my ‘back-story’ about Emma. So now, I am introducing Emma as a caricatured fixture of THISday and our ‘ambassador of understanding’, our resident ‘reminder-er’ that there are other important things in THISworld…and especially in THISday. Emma is the quint-essential interruptive, mood-enhancer. A smile-maker and heart-warmer.

She’s omnipresent and quiet. Yet she knows when it’s time for a break. Time for water. A stretch. A walk. She knows when it’s time for play. She knows when it’s time to quit for the day. Our job, is to start listening to what she is trying to tell us. Our job is to try to UNDERSTAND her communication. Sometimes, when we try…it’s amazing what we get.

A change of scenery. A new perspective. A reality break. A unexpected encounter. All because Emma reminds to do something different.
Granted, in my world…it’s mostly to please Emma with a treat. But it works just the same.

You can have Emma, the THISday Dog in your life too. It’s free and easy…and she will quite randomly appear in your life via text to remind you of the breaks you can take. Give it a try. And let Emma retrieve ‘more’ of THISday for you.