19 Jun

THISday Podcast has Launched!

THISday Podcast has Launched!

TheTHISdaynew book and motivational platform launched by author and creator, Philip Gabbard, announces the start of its Weekly Podcast Series, titled “Choosing THISday, with Philip Gabbard,” now available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud podcast platforms.

“I am extremely excited to share the first glimpses of THISday, along my thoughts and viewpoints, with the world.  My message encourages us all to use our voice for the betterment of society, and that is the intention of our podcast.”

The book, which is presently titled, “Choosing THISday” and the social hub of @THISday365 are gearing up for publication now in the Fall of 2019.

Choosing THISday is a quick-read of powerful stories about honest triumphs and trials, examples and understandings of how our days can be made better with our most powerful of tools…our words. The book bares that some of us have that power. Some of us don’t. THISday helps reveal the power of our words in action so we can put them to work in our own lives.

@THISday365 is the hub for socially shared thoughts, ideas, videos, blogs, and podcasts for audiences to discover. @THISday365 is active on Facebook, Instagram and at www.THISday365.com.

The book is currently scheduled for 2nd edits along with cover design & layout review. Publishing will be organized by Reedsy and distributed primarily through Amazon Books.

“If you are a parent, if you love music, philosophy, and conversations of enlightenment, you will LOVE THISday. Marketers, salespeople, athletes, dog lovers…and politicians too,“ says author and marketing entrepreneur Philip Gabbard.

Philip Gabbard adds, “If you deal with depression or feel distressed or disenfranchised, THISday is for you. I contend that to change our internal and external conversation, to break-through or break free, in order to make change our world, our life, our years, months, weeks and days, … ALL depends upon the sharing of words for better understandings, for better philosophies, for better and new ideas. THISday starts and energizes a conversation and provides a powerful basis from which to enhance our moments, empower our days with the simplest of tools, our words.”

From the book “How It Came To THISday,” a quote and posted @THISday365:

“You didn’t end up here by any other fact than the words you said, heard and believed.  Your future has the same promise.  In 10 years or 10 minutes, the place you will be will be determined by those facts.  Therefore, don’t look to change others, or set the expectation for any changes unless you change what you say, what you hear and what you believe.  The attitude, demeanor or the approvals of others matter not until you accept them as fact.”


“Writing a book and baring your soul not only takes a lot of nerve, but it also requires a lot of feedback, support, and networking.  ‘It takes a village,’ as they say.So in the next few weeks, THISday365 will be posting and sharing the social elements of THISday (like the social post above) with the intent to widen the interest, as well as the attention of followers, fans, supporters and ‘early adopters’ of the THISday idea and book. To me, THISday is simple. It is built upon my life’s experiences as a son, a father, a husband, an athlete, a marketer, a trainer, a radio & TV guy, a music fan and, well…just being human. The hard part about THISday, but vitally important, is spreading the word.” Philip Gabbard adds.

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