13 Mar

THISday is funded

THISday is funded!

The forthcoming new book and motivational platform by author and creator, Philip Gabbard, announced today that the project ventured to crowd-source start-up funding via Kickstarter beginning February 11, 2019, through March 11, 2019, was a success!

The THISday crowd-sourced project titled “Unleash Your Most Powerful Weapon…Your Words!

generated $15,257 in fan support and pre-sale backing.

15257In fan support and pre-sale backing

Monies earned from the successful raise will provide adequate resources to launch the THISday book(s), editing, copyrights, design, web and social infrastructure to give the best opportunity for book sales and outreach to new readers.

The book, which is presently titled, “How It Came To THISday” and the social hub of @THISday365 are gearing up for publication in May 2019.

“How It Came To THISday” is a quick-read of compelling stories about honest triumphs and trials, examples and understandings of how our days can be made better with our most powerful of tools…our words.  The book bares that some of us have that power. Some of us don’t. THISday helps reveal the power of our words in action so we can put them to work in our own lives.

@THISday365 is the hub for socially shared thoughts, ideas, videos, blogs, and podcasts for audiences to discover. @THISday365 is active on Facebook, Instagram and at www.THISday365.com.

The book will immediately undergo 2nd round edits along with cover design & layout reviews.  Publishing will be organized by Reedsy and distributed primarily through Amazon Books.

“What a roller-coaster ride fundraising is.“ says author and marketing entrepreneur Philip Gabbard.  “When you share your dreams, your vision and your needs for support, it produces a certain vulnerability that can be intimidating.  Putting yourself out there, fully exposed, is risky but the reward and encouragement is life changing.” Gabbard adds.

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